Edmodo Logo.jpg

Edmodo is an online-classroom platform that we will use together this year...

With Edmodo, we will:

  • receive and turn in assignments digitally
  • share classroom reminders
  • save work between home and school in a digital "backpack"
  • ask each other for help with projects, homework, etc.

NONE of the personal information you submit is shared with the class or me other than your name (including your mobile number or e-mail address; they are only used by Edmodo to send you notifications). Unlike many other Web 2.0 applications and situations that we'll address in class, Edmodo is 100% private & secure as it is not a public website! No one outside of our approved class period members can see our "online classroom" discussions...not even students in my other classes at UDHS.

Directions are below to create an Edmodo account.
(If you already have an Edmodo account, simply join our class using the appropriate group code given in class)

  1. Open this link to open Upper Dublin's direct Edmodo portal in a new tab or window (make sure to use this link and NOT go to their standard site:
  2. Click on "I'm a student"
  3. Enter the group code for your class period (code provided in class)
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Introduction to Business
    • Marketing Management
    • Sports & Entertainment Marketing

  4. Use your Upper Dublin network username as your Edmodo username so we can all identify each other, and it's easier for you to remember!
  5. Enter a password you will always remember (I recommend your UDSD network's easy to remember!)
  6. Enter your school Gmail account e-mail address
  7. Enter your full first name and last name (no online worries, Edmodo is private and secure!)
  8. After joining, click on "settings" in the upper right corner of the window
  9. Choose how you would like to receive our class notifications (e-mail or text, or both) and select to receive notifications for all events when setting up your account (alerts, notes, assignments, etc). If you don't have unlimited texting, please select e-mail notifications, otherwise text is very convenient. If you don't want to be bothered by having to check your school Gmail account in addition to your primary e-mail account, you will need to have your Gmail account forward your messages so you don't miss any feedback or communication from me about your work in our class. Google's "help" can show you how if you aren't familiar with how to do this. Regardless of your personal notification preferences, you must have at least one form of notification that you will view daily. If you choose to opt out of notifications all together, that's ok, but you are responsible to log in and check your Edmodo account daily as to not miss out on any important information that is posted.
  10. Upload a picture (one of yourself is OK because this is private, but still not recommended, simply as a "reminder" of making safe online choices). If Edmodo doesn't prompt you to complete your profile, you can always access your profile (including the picture) through the "profile" menu at the top of the page. You can click on view or edit my profile at any point during the year to make changes. Obviously, your picture must be school appropriate.
  11. If you like, there is a free Edmodo "app" (for both iPhone and Android systems) that you can install on your internet-connected phone! However, youdon't need the app or an internet-connected phone in order to receive text notifications. More on Edmodo's phone apps here.
  12. If you are stuck, here is a YouTube video to walk you through the process as well!